My name is Linda and my love for animals and nature are what led me to start the 'Farm'. I purchased the 'Farm' right after hurricane Harvey. Harvey sat on top of this area for over a week and the devastation from it was great. My initial vision was to retire with my little animal family of 3 goats, a goose and 10 chickens. Oh yeah!, and my husband Steven. lol. One day while sitting on the edge of the Bayou enjoying the beautiful sunset i decided I wanted to find a way of sharing everything I had here as best I could with anyone that would let me. I wanted to undoubtedly let others share with me the enjoyment and fulfillment the animals have brought into my life. My ultimate mission is to provide a peaceful retreat for guests, promoting animal therapy through goat yoga or our happy hours or even overnight stays. This is an amazing place and I have an amazing life so why not share it!  Welcome to "Goats on the Bayou Farm" Your 'goat' away from home. Our property features multiple themed rooms and Glamping Galore. 'Goat' out of town and relax on the bayou with our friendly variety of loving animals! Goats Galore, Finley the friendly Goose, Tilly the turkey, Chattery Chickens and who could forget our Shepard Lola. We also provide Goat Yoga; Part Yoga, Part Animal- Assisted Therapy and Happy Hours for those that just want to hang out with the animals. Serving the Houston, Alvin and Galveston areas.